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Advanced Snapchat Model & Camming SecretsAre you a webcam model who’s tired of picking up the crumbs top models leave behind? Have you been thinking of getting into camming or premium Snapchat modeling, but want to do it right…with a kick-ass strategy that will maximize your chances of launching into the stratosphere of the online booty-shaking biz? Are you looking to make REAL money in this industry, and setup a lasting cash cow business that runs mostly on autopilot?

Hey, I’m Buttler Camlord (and I’ve got a birth certificate to prove it…nah, just kidding). I’ve spent an absurd amount of time, over the last decade and a half, advising cam models, promoting cam sites, and developing new and cutting edge ways for performers in the camming and Snapchat model biz to get ahead and stand out from the crowd. If there’s an advanced method of working the cam, it’s a safe bet I know all about it. I’ve watched closely as some of the savviest models have used these tactics to make the eye-popping webcam modeling & premium Snapchat mega-incomes that are now being widely reported by the mainstream press.

Premium Snapchat Guide - Learn How To Be a Snapchat Model

I want to let you in on a little industry secret here (but don’t tell anyone, cuz most of the top models already wanna cut my boys off for spilling many of their sacred beans). The money that camgirls and guys make while broadcasting in their chatrooms is actually only a small part of the money they COULD be making. Most performers in this industry don’t realize that there is a huge amount of moolah to be made on the web/social media side of the business (especially Snapchat!) , and nearly all of them would have no clue how to go after it if they did know.

Guide to selling premium Snapchat accounts.

What this means is that there is a HUGE opportunity for those models who have the critical information and knowledge that would allow them to establish these lucrative new revenue streams…and you’re currently on the only known website in all of Camland that offers this invaluable “Eyes Only” 411.

Snapchat money making tricks for models.

Does the idea of making money passively turn you on? Waking up in the morning, checking your stats, and seeing that you made hundreds of dollars while you slept? Well, as a webcam model, you’re in the perfect position to setup this type of money machine. This is a method that can make a webcam model a ton of money, and I’ll teach you exactly how it’s done in UCS Ninja.

cam whales

Whales…they’re massive, always spurting off from their blowholes, and the males typically possess genitalia the size of an average schoolbus. In Camland, whales are every bit as well-equipped as their sea mammal counterparts, but their ridiculously large endowments are to be found in their bank accounts, not their pants. I’m sure you’ve seen all those top models get showered with huge tip bombs by these guys. It can really make your jaw drop.

Five thousand, ten thousand, even 30,000-token tips dropped right out of nowhere (actually, one of the largest reported single tips was to a model called “ChronicLove,” and it was over 250,000 tokens…worth about $12,000 to the model!). This kind of tippage doesn’t generally just happen…the model/client relationships that develop behind the scenes are what make this level of awesomeness possible…and I’ll teach you all about it in my UCS Ninja System. Treating a whale right is the best and easiest way to make the token tsunamis happen on the regular.

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Don’t think you need promotion? How exactly do you think all those elite models got to where they are…with rooms filled to the brim with hundreds and even thousands of viewers eager to tip them and take them into private shows? The reality of modern-day camming is that good ninja promotion is absolutely essential to launching a model into the top tiers of the business.

The vast majority of models, however, have NO FREAKING CLUE how to properly promote themselves and aggressively grow their fan followings. There are so many different social media platforms today, it can be nearly impossible for the typical model to figure out exactly which ones should be employed (not to mention, HOW to use them correctly, so that you don’t end up wasting a fantastic amount of time and effort). In UCS Ninja, I go over EXACTLY which social media platforms have proven to be great for webcam models, and HOW exactly you should use them for maximum promotional benefit.

How to make money with Snapchat modelingDid you know that live-streaming apps like Periscope can be used right on your smartphone to easily build large and loyal followings of fans who can be monetized in all sorts of juicy ways? Did you know that there are specific methods a cam model can use to push these devoted viewers to the places (like your video store and cam site chatroom) where you can sell them content and get tipped? Did you know that if you do this the wrong way, you can get your account suspended or banned? Have no fear…in UCS Ninja, I guide you through the precise method of “scoping” the right way, so the lovely moolah rains down with none of the crapstorms that inexperienced models have to endure.

The Premium Snapchat Guide You’ve Been Waiting For

Oh, and are you selling access to your Snapchat? Yes? Well, you can be forgiven, I suppose…we all make mistakes. In UCS Ninja, I go over exactly why it’s a big ass NO-NO to sell access to your main Snapchat…and why actually GIVING IT AWAY will make you FAR more money. You need to have a “public” AND  a “premium” Snapchat account…that’s how the HUGE money is made.

By doing this exactly right, you can build a massive Snapchat following that will gobble up all of your content offers and boost your premium Snapchat sales through the roof like an exploding dabbing rig! Ninja models know how to use this cutting edge method and are making out like bandits…it’s time you learn it too!


Perhaps You Get The Picture…

I can’t mention all of the various ninja topics I cover in this system, because it would take an eternity to read through it all. Hopefully, though, what I’ve told you so far can help you to understand what’s REALLY going on in Camland. There are models currently operating on levels that most people in the industry don’t even know exist…and they’re making BANK!

There is a TREMENDOUS amount of money to be made as a webcam and premium Snapchat model today, and you don’t even need to be any kind of beauty to do it. Whether you’re a MILF, a BBW, a geeky college student, or just the hippie down the street (420 babyyy! Woooooo!!!), you can make a SERIOUS income applying the advanced tactics I layout in the UCS Ninja System.


If you’ve been an Uber Cam Star student, you’ve learned all the best tricks to use in your chatroom…but my UCS Ninja System goes WAY BEYOND the chatroom and into web properties, advanced promotion strategies, branding, relationship marketing, premium Snapchat promotion, and making big money selling cam site memberships as an AFFILIATE. This is the kind of stuff that will help you build a real online BUSINESS that can deliver for you long after you stop camming. For about the price of a night out on the town, you can buy yourself the kind of information that could blow your camming enterprise straight up into orbit!

UCS Ninja System Price - $49

Ninja models are a cut above because they know how to THINK AHEAD…and my system will let you in on their most effective and most lucrative tactics. Are you ready to go to the next level and really start making the big bucks in Camland and on Snapchat, or have you settled down at Mediocrity Lane and gotten comfortable feasting on the crumbs that fall from the table where the top models feed?

The choice is simple. Dinner and a movie, or build a cash cow camming/Snapchat business? Ask yourself what you’d do if you weren’t completely baked right now…LMFAOOO!

Don’t let the elite models hog all the megacash in Camland…there’s nothing they can do that you can’t! Take CONTROL and reach for what you deserve! Purchase my UCS Ninja System today and really start rockin’ that cam of yours on the bigs!

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You will receive a download link immediately upon purchase. The UCS Ninja System consists of 6 PDF files and will require a PDF viewer to access. Adobe Reader is an excellent free option. Your card statement will read “CCBill.com – Camlord Digital”.
If you have any problems or questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll generally get back to you within 12 to 24 hours.